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We perform transport of goods with small and large vehicles, depending on the quantity of goo-ds. When the quantities are small, the transport is performed by our vehicles. When the quanti-ties are large, we engage transportation firms.
The goods are delivered carriage-free. Fresh pr-oducts are transported with refrigerator trucks or vans at temperature regime from 2o to 4oC .
The company Fungus Trade is located in south-eastern Serbia, in the heart of the wooded and mountainous Balkans. For 20 years we have be-en exporting fruit picked by hand in the deep woods of Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montene-gro ...

The company specializes in fresh mushrooms, such as penny bun, chanterelle, trumpet of the dead, Caesar’s mushroom; besides this we exp-ort blueberries, junipers, chestnuts, walnuts...

On the European market of organic food we occ-upy an important place and in our region we are among the best. Our motto is 100% organic. We prove it with numerous certificates of quality co-ntrol.

In compliance with all the regulations for organic food, strict ethical guidelines and rigorous quality control standards, we have gained enormous co-nfidence of our customers, we have maintained a long-term collaboration and we have ensured constant expansion on the market.

Our vision is to have influence on the level of environmental awareness among the people in order to conserve nature that allows us a totally organic nutrition, which is the most important health factor, as well as the expansion of the market for our product placement.