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The transport we do, depending on the quantity of goods, with large and small vehicles. For small quantities, we perform the transport with our own vehicles. For larger quantities, we are committed transport company. The goods we supply according to the international trade clause FCO buyer. Raw goods we transport with freezer truck with a temperature between +2 and +4 turintervall ° C.

The "Fungo Trade" is located in southeastern Serbia, in the heart of wooded and mountainous Balkans. Already 20 years we have been exporting hand-picked fruits from the deepest forests of Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

The focus of our company are raw mushrooms, such as the porcini mushroom, the chanterelle, the dead or


Autumn trumpet or the Emperor Ling. In addition, we also export currants, juniper, chestnuts, walnuts, etc. We take on the European organic food market an important place in our region and are one of the leading companies. Our motto is "100% organic". We prove this with numerous quality control certificates.

To all bio-regulative, strict ethical principles and rigorous quality standards entertaining, we have achieved a very large trust of our customers, a long-standing commit-mmenarbeit and a permanent expand our market.
Our vision is as much as possible on the ecological consciousness of the people to act to preserve nature because it allows us a perfect organic nutrition and health as well as the most impor- tant marketsrweiterungsfaktor our products.